Welcome to my Device Repair and Care Basics course. I’m Ian Kim, an upcoming college freshman known in some circles as The iKim due to my technical knowledge. I have a Korean-American background with a lifelong appreciation for technology, and most importantly repairing said tech.

Within this short course, my goal is to prime you with information needed to appropriately care for and repair your devices if needed.

There are two sections to this course, one focused on care, the other focused on repair. Each ends with a short activity and a brief 10-15 question quiz. The entire course is designed to be completable in 1 to 2 hours, and will have a final price of $50, or the cost of a single hour’s labor for most repair shops.

Upon completing this pilot version of the course, please fill out the final feedback form so that I may further improve this course before it’s full release. You will receive a limited Pilot edition of this course’s digital badge once this feedback form is finished.

Please note this is an early version of this course. Nothing is final and any and all things noted here are subject to change. This course does not guarantee you will be able to fix any device completely, and is not responsible for any damages that may occur due to do-it-yourself repair. Self-repair is done at your own risk.

Please note that this course only covers the bare bones basics of device repair. It does not guarantee you will come out knowing how to fix the world, or every problem with every device you know. Although if you do come out knowing how to do both of those, please let me know.

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