Stable Footing

Here's one of those "Get a Mac" ads from the late 2000's.

I honestly don't like this ad now, looking back at it. Sure, it's clever, but it misses something painfully obvious.

This entire situation could have been avoided had that cable not been a tripping hazard. Apple's little magnetic connectors sure are cool, but it's really an overpriced safety net.

If your device is securely grounded, and none of the cables or other components (including the desk or table it's sitting on) present a tripping hazard, things should be fine.

However, you want to make sure your devices are not placed precariously over edges. There should be at least six inches between the edge of your device, and the edge of a surface it could fall down.

This goes for phones especially. One wrong move could send them flying off of your desk, or the table at lunch.

Keep them away from large drops, in short. This again relates to treating your devices with respect.

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